About Us

We are One Two Six Clothing, a brand of streetwear and apparel, inspired by the hardcore music scene & lifestyle. Being ourselves extremely experienced in the merchandise production and music touring business, in 2012 we decided to proceed in manufacturing our own clothes thus playing our part in spreading the culture we love. Hardcore is about rebellion, anticonformism, individual freedom and loyalty, principals we've been practicing our entire lives.

Hardcore music was there for us when no one else was, and helped us through times of need. The least we could do is pay a humble tribute.

We tend to consider our products something more than just cheap music merch you can find anywhere and there's a reason why. For years we experimented with several printing methods and materials, and collaborated with a large number of designers and illustrators, always giving room for fresh perspectives, while retaining the hardcore attitude.

We design products that are fresh, airy and kind to your body, equaly fit for the hardcore man as well as for the pop culture enthusiast. We may be stubborn when it comes to aesthetics, but one thing's for sure: We know what one needs to look good and feel like it.

One Two Six is more than fashion. It's a mean of self-expression and a firm statement. When you wear your One Two Six you don't just wear a piece of fabric. You are deemed a member of our extended family and a very proud one indeed. Welcome!

We are distributed by the famous Coretex Records Store in Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany since 2014.