About Us

Welcome to OneTwoSix Hardcore Clothing, where the raw energy of the New York Hardcore (NYHC) scene meets authentic, streetwise fashion. Founded and spearheaded by George Pirounakis, a seasoned  Merchandise Manager, we’re all about keeping it real and staying true to our roots.


Our Story

OneTwoSix began as a merch company founded by George Pirounakis and Chris Leontis, who was in the band Senseless from Thessaloniki, Greece. Their ambition to create something meaningful led George to Berlin in 2017, where he began working closely with the legendary Coretex Records. By 2019, Mosh and Roger Miret entrusted him with selling and eventually by 2022, managing Agnostic Front's merch. Returning to OneTwoSix, George brought back street smarts and a deep connection to the NYHC ethos, shaping the brand into what it is today.

What We Stand For

At OneTwoSix, we believe in authenticity and toughness. Our clothing isn't just about style; it’s about making a statement. We source Fair-Trade, Organic, and Recycled materials to ensure our impact is positive, both socially and environmentally. Our designs are influenced by the streets and stages where hardcore lives and breathes, and every garment tells a story of defiance and solidarity.

Join the Movement

Rocking OneTwoSix isn’t just about wearing clothes – it’s about representing a movement. Whether you’re at a gig, on the streets, or just living your daily life, our gear is built for the fearless. Dive into our collection, find what speaks to you, and wear it with pride. This is more than fashion; it’s a way of life. Welcome to OneTwoSix Hardcore Clothing – gear up, stand out, stay hardcore.