About Us

One Two Six is a Hardcore Music related brand of Street-Wear and Apparel.You can trace our roots back in 2012 in the streets of Thessaloniki , Greece when two local music and gig enthusiasts (of similar but different genres) George and Chris that shared the same passion about the Hard Music Scene (Punk, Hardcore, Metal, Crossover) and Graphic Arts, gave birth to the brand. As they both were already experienced in the Merchandise Production, making a brand of their own was really a no-brainer.

Do you wanna talk about our perspective and ideology? There is something that simply feels very real and important about the rebellion of hardcore culture that is largely characterized by anti-establishment views, the promotion of individual freedom, and is centered on a loud, aggressive genre, a genre that we love, we support and has helped us through hard times.

One Two Six is the expression of the way we view our everyday lives and a statement of what we live and stand for, in this scene and for this scene. Always remember, through unity comes strength. Stay united and support your brothers.

We wear One Two Six to express ourselves, to support the music we love, the attitude we’ve adopted and the life stance that we follow. One Two Six Clothing's main selling point and distributor is the famous Coretex Records Store in Kreuzberg,Berlin,Germany since 2014.