About Us

"Built for the toughest, worn by the fearless"

Welcome to OneTwoSix Hardcore Clothing, a high-quality and organic streetwear brand inspired by the hardcore music scene and lifestyle. We are committed to providing our customers with modern, stylish apparel that is both ethically made and environmentally conscious. Our streetwear offerings include t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, headwear and more, all designed for the modern urbanite. We're proud of our commitment to sustainability and creating garments that last, so you can look great without sacrificing quality or comfort. With years of experience in merchandise production and music touring, we decided in 2012 to manufacture our clothes to pay homage to the culture that helped us through times of hardship. Our unique products result from extensive experimentation with printing methods and materials and input from several talented designers and illustrators. Our garments are tailored for hardcore fans and pop culture enthusiasts, crafted with respect for aesthetics and an eye for detail. At OneTwoSix Hardcore Clothing, we believe our products are more than just clothing. They're an expression of rebellion, anti-conformism, individual freedom and loyalty. Show off your individual style with OneTwoSix Hardcore Clothing. Visit our online store today to find the perfect piece for you.